We like to think of our sideboard as the problem-solver—and it can serve that role not just in your dining room, but in spaces as different as the home office or the TV room. Let us help you choose the right wood and finish for your cabinet; match it with a top in wood, or wood with a limestone inset, and complete the picture with a selection from our range of fine hardware details. Your sideboard can be scaled up or down, to fit with the place it will live.


Basic Sideboard: Our most popular sideboard boasts two pairs of doors–with just the right spots inside for everything you want to store. For dining-room use, we recommend two pullout shelves, one lined with Pacific cloth silverware dividers, the other perfect for napkins and placemats. The remaining spaces provide plenty of room for platters and other serving pieces, glassware and china. Exterior details such as a stone inset (detailed below), distinctive hardware and just the right finish make it yours.


Sideboard: Inset the top of your dining-room sideboard with limestone (as shown) and you have a built-in hotpad, guaranteeing easy serving. The stone also holds heat, and will not stain or burn.


Sideboard as Media Cabinet: How do you balance out the giant TV screen on the wall? We think a soft-rubbed dark wood “sideboard” beneath it does a pretty great job. We’ll outfit the cabinet with pullout trays for media, and make sure all your components fit in there—blessedly out of sight.